Are all Family Lawyers the same? Why do some Family Lawyers charge more than others?

No. Not all Family Lawyers are the same. Family Law is a very complex area of law. This is largely because the law in this area is forever changing. The government is continuously updating and amending the Family Law Act and the associated rules and regulations in an effort to keep pace with the ever-changing standards and norms of our society.

The Family Court has a very large discretion as to what orders it will make in each particular case. It is imperative that Family Lawyers constantly educate and inform themselves about changes to the law and recent Family Court cases if they are to be in a position to advise their clients of the current legal situation, the arguments available, and the likely outcome if the matter proceeds to a Court hearing. It is the strong belief of Cahill & Rowe Family Law that to gain true excellence and expertise in the area of Family Law, a lawyer must practice exclusively within the family law field. This is not an area of the law where a lawyer should “dabble”.

It is a common misconception that the more you pay for a Family Lawyer the better they will be. Often, this is simply not the case. Sometimes, a lawyer’s higher fees are simply an indication that the firm the lawyer works for has high overheads. It is extremely important to remember this when you are choosing a Family Lawyer. Higher fees do not necessarily mean a better lawyer. Cahill & Rowe Family Law offer high quality, up to the minute, family law services at extremely reasonable and competitive rates.

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